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Scott's Notes - delete from final website

Translator? See Stravaigin website.


Key search words

Leith - Greenock - Queensferry - Rosyth - Shore Excursion - Cruise - Ship - etc

Cruise ship/passengers day trips / shore excursions


Password Wix and Jimdo "smudge" plus p'ship eMail.


NOTES (home):


Your dDrivers were born educated grew up in scotland

for instance scott ran own business many years

cairi keeps us abreast of hip places for young pepole hang out

clients needs come first

we love driving

we love showing off the best of scotland

we love making people happy


NOTES (what we do):


exciting and insightful tours which will thrill

we will guide you through

We can accommodate any group size.

Insurance etc

Fabulous unique experience

Magical hidden parts of Scotland

ancestral homelands

The Romance of Scotland


Highland games


NOTES (suggested tours):




panoramic views of the city (arthur seat)

scottish parliament

area renowned for its pivotal role in scottish independence

mediaeval town of falkland

haunting battlefield culloden moor

ancient castles once alive with activity now reduced to a few walls and rubble

immersed in tradition history and culture

rich gently rolling hills


Scott, the owner, has had many years of driving around and getting to know Scotland and more recently has operated tours on his own behalf.



  • The Highlands over several days

A more leisurely way to visit the Highlands and taking in the magical Isle of Skye, with some castles and battlefields thrown in, can be 2, 3, 4 or more days - you tell us.

  • Melrose and the Border Country


  • XXX


  • XXX



Themed tours . . .


  • Genealogy/Ancestry

See where your ancestors came from.

  • Food and Drink


  • Whisky


  • Literary Tours


  • XXX



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